caseylane (caseylane) wrote in us_politics,

Debate Delay

John McCain wants to delay Friday's debate to focus on the economic crises. Now I've seen both pro's and con's on this decision. I've read that it's a smart move because it shows he's putting "Country First" and I've read that he's actually running scared because his "Fundamentally Strong" comments will most likely be brought up in the debate, and with him trailing so far in the polls he wants things to be settled first.

I'm actually thinking it's a bit of both, but actually more of a grandstanding move. I think he's so far out of touch with the economy that he really doesn't grasp what's going on. He has a real ability to separate what he says with the facts, like his denying that his supporter Carly Fiorina is part of the golden parachute crowd.

The real question is Obama, will he risk acting like he doesn't care and demand the debate or will he look like a "follower" and not a leader by following McCain to Washington.
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