caseylane (caseylane) wrote in us_politics,

Last Nights Debate

Being objective as much as I can.

I think McCain did fine. He made a few good jabs on foreign policy to show he wasn't out yet. On the economy he didn't do as well. He's still haunted by his "fundamentally sound" comment and Obama used it to his advantage.

The thing is, this was said to be McCain's debate since Foreign Policy is, supposedly, his strong point. By just doing fine, he kind of came out weaker. Am I making any sense?

Obama just had to be Presidential and he was that in spades. He was poised and never seemed to go off track. From what the feed on CNN said, the Independents seemed to like Obama more, especially when he spoke about gaining America's reputation back and his environmental goals.

He did make a couple of flubs, I actually liked the "I have a bracelet too" comment because it blocked McCain's hit on that. He didn't know the soldier's name right off though and that wasn't good. You can make all kinds of excuses, including nerves or pressure, but it was still a flub.
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