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VP Debate

I guess I agree with most people, Joe Biden and Sarah Palin both did what they set out to do. Palin proved that (thanks to the Katie Couric interviews) that she wasn't a total air head and Joe Biden attacked McCain well. Win-Win for both, with Biden coming out on top.

I watched the debate on my computer at CNN. I didn't want to see the male/female line they had on tv, I wanted to see what the Independents felt. Biden led far more with the positive line than Palin did.

I thought Biden did well and was truly touched when he spoke about being a single parent. I also got a huge kick with his response on what the Vice President's duties were. His score line almost went off the chart with that one.

Palin did well but I found myself getting irked the longer she spoke and it took me a bit before I found out why. I don't want a "folksy" VP, I want one that demands respect from foreign heads of state. I also hatehatehated when she winked. WTF was that? How in the world would we NOT be laughed at because she was being all flirty?

Honest to goodness, the GOP could have picked many, many other women to run in the VP spot that would have been heads above this woman. As a woman who was an MP in the army, put myself through college while working full time to support my two daughters and who fought to get to where I am, she just pisses me off.

And in other news, John McCain has pulled his Michigan campaign. Is he crazy?
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