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Post Election

Saw this on someone else's journal and I have to agree with her, it's the best election night video out there. Not the biggest crowd but damn, it made me tear up a little.

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in this country, you have a right to vote, so please, please take advantage of it. youve been hearing crap from both sides saying "vote for obama!" "vote for mccain!" "vote for nader!" "vote for mickey mouse!" "VOTE FOR WHOEVER!" but its time to take action and go do it! regardless of who you vote for, just go vote; your opinion matters but it will never count if you dont go vote!
Uncle Sam


I live in a small suburb of Detroit, about 12 miles north of the border. I was in line 15 minutes before opening at 7:00 AM and was about the 25th in line. Once they opened it took 28 minutes until I walked out the door. It took my brother, in another city, 45 minutes once they opened.

When I left the line was wrapping around the building.

Spoke to a woman at work who lives in Detroit proper. She drove by the voting office at 5:15 AM on her way in and the line was already snaking around the building.

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